Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dog Anatomy

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Ear: The auditory organ consisting of three regions: inner ear, middle ear, and the pinna (or leather).
Skull: The bony structure of the head.
Stop: The indentation between the eyes.
Muzzle: The head in front of the eyes – nasal bones, nostrils and jaws; foreface.
Nose: Organ of olfaction.
Cheek: The fleshy regions at the sides of the head.
Neck: The part of body which distinguishes the head and the torso (trunk).
Shoulder: The formation of the shoulder blade and the upper arm.
Upper Arm: The bone of the foreleg, between the shoulder blade and the forearm.
Forearm: The portion of the forelimb between the upper arm and the wrist.
Wrist: The joint between forearm and pastern on the front legs.
Pastern: The metacarpal bones of the front leg between the carpus and the foot and the metatarsal bones and the hind leg between the hock and the foot.
Toes: The digits of the foot.
Stopper Pad: The fleshy cushion on the front legs situated at the back of the wrist.
Elbow: The joint in the front leg where the upper arm meets the forearm.
Brisket: Usually refers to the sternum, but in some standards it refers to the entire thorax.
Pad: Tough, shock-absorbing projections on the underside of the feet; soles.
Hock: The collection of bones of the hind leg forming the joint between the second thigh and the metatarsus. (This is the ankle in man).
Hock Joint: The joint on the hind limb located between the lower thigh and the rear pastern.
Stifle: The joint of the hind leg between the thigh and the second thigh; the dog’s knee.
Upper Thigh: The area between the hip joint above and the stifle below.
Croup (Rump): The region of the pelvic girdle.
Loin: The region of the body associated with the lumbar portion of the vertebrae (behind the ribs and before the pelvic girdle).
Tail: The section at the rear end of the body.
Ribs: The long curved bones which form the ribcage.
Back: The dorsal surface (topline) of the dog, usually extending from the withers.
Withers: The region defined by the dorsal portions of the spinous processes of the first two thoracic vertebrae and flanked by the dorsal portion of the scapulae.
Occiput: The dorsal, posterior point of the skull.

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